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Related party environment, occupational healthsafety requirements

Source:Date:2013-07-11 14:13:00

Related parties and partners:

    Environmental protection / occupational health and safety is the responsibility that every company must consider when it is necessary to produce and service, save resources, protect the environment and ensure the occupational health and safety of employees and related parties. To this end, Beijing Di Saiqi Technology Co., Ltd. since 2007 to establish environmental and occupational health and safety management system, has been uphold the four management principles:

Excellent design; safe and reliable;

pk10三码必中规律 Serious service; meet customers;

pk10三码必中规律 Full environmental protection; to ensure occupational health;

Comply with laws and regulations; to achieve continuous improvement.

In the prevention of the occurrence of efforts to seek the road of sustainable development, so that our environmental and occupational health and safety management has been improved to complete the social responsibility given to enterprises.

                       pk10三码必中规律(Company) will work with Beijing Di Saiqi Technology Co., Ltd., made the following commitments:

1. Compliance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 standards and all national and local laws, regulations and other requirements. Adhere to the main prevention, and constantly committed to environmental improvement.

2. Committed to reducing resource consumption and production waste.

pk10三码必中规律 3. Make employees fully aware of their responsibility for the environment, and everyone is actively involved in environmental protection activities.

4. To provide staff with the provisions of the labor safety and health and labor protection conditions, special operations and other labor safety requirements in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the state certificates.

pk10三码必中规律 5. According to the importance of equipment and safety management requirements, combined with the ability of users to prepare the necessary safety manual in order to fundamentally eliminate or reduce occupational health and safety risks.

pk10三码必中规律 6. Transport of oil and dangerous chemicals Dangerous goods transport permits, with MSDS documents.

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