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Job List:

Technical CategoryTesting Engineer
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Location: Beijing
Dept: Middle-test Dept
Period of validity: One year
Responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for make validation plan of model machine and the relative document.
2. To organize and execute the testing task for model machine and make the report.
3. To participate in the evaluation of system design.
4. To design and make of workmanship & facility for test.
5. Take charge of daily examination and maintenance for the department’s apparatus.
Requirements.: 1. Bachelor’s degree required, preferably major in electrical or mechanic.
2. Minimum of 2 years working experience in electrical power research and development, middle-test and EMC engineering design.
3. Sound fluent in use of all kinds of com apparatus and instruments. Master’s the knowledge of national standard. (e.g. GB/T9254 and GB/T2423.etc.)
4. Know well in use of Office and relative software.
5. Team spirit, strong ability of cooperation, communication and creativity. Healthy, open and responsibility.
Address: No.20 Jinxing Road, Daxing Industry District. Beijing
Post Code: 102628
E-mail: hr@danielwongdesign.com
Website: www.danielwongdesign.com
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